A blue outfit and a pop of black

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Aminta Blue7

I don’t wear a lot of blue, but wen I do, I got a little overboard and I do a full-blown blue outfit. This is my take on a preppy office outfit. What makes this preppy, you ask? The pearls. And what makes this look office-appropriate? The blazer, haha. At least I think that’s what people wear at offices, I’ve never worked in one. You could definitely get away with this outfits at an office, though, as long as you wear  a longer skirt, and solid tights- me thinks. If you’re interested in the psychology of color, as I am, I wrote this post on what blue represents (calm, peace, honesty, etc).

We shot these great pictures at the beginning of Fall on Randall’s Island– definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in New York City. They have really cool art installations throughout, including grass chairs (literally chairs made out of grass), where I spent quite a bit of time, lying down and feeling Goya’s Clothed Maja. Plus the views of Manhattan are incredible.

I should start a new segment called “Where in the world is José?” José is Josorio Foto, my friend who’s taken more than half of the pictures in this blog. José is currently in the Middle East, and I just want to say hola José! Come back soon!

Aminta Blue6I believe I can fly!
Aminta Blue4Photos by Josorio Foto

Aminta Blue2
Aminta Blue3

Aminta Blue5

Aminta Blue1

Blazer: INC Concepts, Macy’s

Top (last seen here): mine, Marshalls

Necklace: JC Penney

Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: Express

Shoes (last seen here): gojane.com

More blue outfits, right this way!

Aminta Rue8Rue 107

Aminta Laurianda3Laurianda Blue

Aminta Blue Flats3.jpgBlue Flats

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