5 Ways to Great Legs

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I like to think I have great legs, so even though it’s a million degrees out I’m happy to show them off in mini skirts and short shorts. During the summer I take extra care of my legs since they’re on display almost on a daily basis. Here are some quick tips for keeping your legs looking good!


1. Exercise. Great legs take some effort. You don’t have to slave away your day at the gym; I certainly don’t. But take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk when you can, go dancing! These little things make a big difference. 

2. Exfoliate. Shaving is a good way to get rid of dead skin cells. I like to exfoliate weekly to let the newer, nicer skin show; instead of the dull, old skin, yuck. For a homemade scrub mix body wash with sugar and rub away!

3. Moisturize. You should do this at least once a day. Preferably after you shower. This is especially important when you’ve exfoliated. Dry, rough legs are not pretty. Moisturizing daily also helps prevent stretch marks. If you want to have hot, shiny legs for a night out opt for a little bit of baby oil instead of moisturizer for a glowy effect.

4. Drink tons of water. Water is everything! If you don’t drink it, you’re nothing. Water helps clean out your body and when you’re well hydrated it shows, even in your legs.

5. Wear heels. This is the fastest way to show off great legs! When you’re standing on the ball of your feet you’re tensing your calves and thigh muscles, making them look more toned. Heels also help elongate your legs. Not really, but at least they trick the eye into thinking so! Good enough for me!

What do you do to keep your legs looking pretty?


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