5 Things You Need This Season

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Fall is here. Are you ready? Here’s what you need to update your closet:

  1. Something CAMEL. This is the color of the fall/winter season. Designers couldn’t get enough of it. Think of the color as the new black. This neutral looks great with any fall color; keep reading.
  2. Something GRAY. Another very important neutral for the 2010 fall/winter season. Feel free to mix it with camel or anything else you already have in your wardrobe to look polished and fresh.
  3. Something LEOPARD PRINT. This is the print of the season. Whether it’s on shoes, purses, scarves or coats, a splash of leopard will keep you looking fierce. You purr, girl!
  4. Something FUR. Now, before you boycott me and my site, it doesn’t have to be real fur. Chanel’s fall/winter 2010 runway featured faux fur; and if it’s good enough chez Chanel it’s good enough for us! Camel-colored fur would be your best bet, but I say anything goes.
  5. Something MILITARY. It doesn’t necessarily have to be camouflage, but it can be a nice olive or hunter green. I especially like it on accessories. I own a pair of olive green shorts which I love to match with black and gray.

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