5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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In an effort to live a more zen life I have been going through every corner of my room and getting rid of things that are not useful or pretty. The biggest mess and anti-zen zone was the windowsill where I pile all my books and old magazines. I recycled all the old tabloids, but I took some time to quickly flip through my older women’s magazines, like Glamour. I stumbled upon this article from April 2012, which I thought would be a nice post topic. Gotta love it when Glamour gives me ideas about what to write.

They say there are five pairs of shoes every woman should own. I agree, however, there are a few here they don’t mention, so next Tuesday we’ll be talking about the 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own According to Aminta. In the meantime, I give you this! You’re welcome. Now click, click, click!

P.S. If you need any help, please refer to my handy Shoe Glossary, Part I and Part II.

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Nude Pumps
1. Nude Pumps.  The idea here is to create a long, visual line in which your legs seems to go on forever because your shoes are the same tone as your skin. However, it is important to get shoes in a color that closely matches your skin tone. I have a pair of nude pumps, but they’re way too light for me. Nude pump fail :(
Ballet Flats
2. Ballet flats. So comfy and so cute. There are many available. From the formal black ones perfect for the office, to the shiny ones with sequins which were just made for the dance floor.
Rain Boots
3. Rain boots. Unless you leave in the desert (Salam to my lovely Saudi readers!) you’re bound to encounter some rain every once in a while. Just like flats, there are many kinds of rain boots and in many different price ranges. Mine were only $19! There are unicolored ones, preppy ones, and really funky ones. There’s something for everybody!
Strappy Sandals
4. Strappy sandals. Heels are sexy, there’s no point denying it. Usually the strappier the heel the sexier the look. These type of shoe pairs well with skinny jeans that show off the whole shoe. What’s the point of getting such hot foot candy if you’re going to keep it hidden by boot cut pants? Make these your go-to shoes for night outs during warm weather!
Platform Sandals
5. Platform sandals. Potato, potato. They say platform sandals, I say wedge sandals. Yes, these are a hundred times more comfortable than the stilettos, but stilettos are also a hundred times sexier. Wedges are really fun, but to me they’re more of a day-time shoe. They makes the foot look clunkier, whereas the strappy sandals above make the foot look more delicate. Still, there are so many great wedges out there is hard to resist getting at least a few. I love that purple one on the bottom. Feel free to rock these with wider cut pants, as well as bell-bottoms. If you want to wear them with skinny jeans, let me suggest you roll up your cuffs for a fresher look.
Do you own any of these shoes? Do you agree with Glamour?


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