4 Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas

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4 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. Ah, the holiday of love. You know what I love? A good collaboration. Today I teamed up with HP and Meghan Trainor (Because you know I’m all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble) to show you their cool HP Pavilion x360, which you can use 4 ways, which inspired this 4-outfit post. Keep reading to find out more.

Outfit 1. Totes cash (totally casual)

Valentine's Day outfit ideas

If you’re planning a low-key date with your beau, or maybe a day-time outing, this is a great and comfy look. Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than the color red, so go ahead and wear this ultra-sexy color, in an ultra-laid back way.

Outfit 2. Oh, so cute!

Cute Valentine's Day Outfit

If your style is more romantic, here’s another option for you. How about a cute (but still sexy while not showing too much flesh) pencil skirt with a pastel sweater? A pink lip will have him wanting to kiss you all night long.

Outfit 3. Getting a little caliente

Outfit Ideas

If you live somewhere warm (unlike me!) you may want to show some leg. How about this hot floral mini with a more romantic lace top? A jacket really completes an outfit, and this one is in the same color family as the flowers without being too matchy-matchy.

Outfit 4. Red Hot!

Little red dress

Maybe you’re going to a swanky restaurant, maybe you’re hitting the dance floor with your lover, but this red little number will have all eyes on you, all night long. Fun fact, this dress was a gift from my boyfriend, B.

Thank you so much to HP for sponsoring today’s post, revolving around the number 4. I edited and uploaded this post on my new HP Pavilion x360 laptop, which is not your typical personal computer; you can use it in four different modes, as a laptop, tablet, tent, or stand. Check out all the modes below!

Aminta HP1

The laptop mode is the one I’ve used the most ’cause, after all, is the one I’m used to. By the way, have you seen yesterday’s post?

Aminta HP2

Are you binge-watching (or should I say Bing-watching, get it?) Friends on Netflix as I am? The Stand more is a great way to watch your fave movies or YouTube videos. I love that the HP Pavilion x360 is also touch screen!

Aminta HP3

The tablet is great for showing off photos and doing quick Internet browsing. After a certain time the Internet is my building is pretty much crap and gets disconnected- usually when people get home from work and everyone is on it. But dealing with a dead network is made slightly better by the fact that I personalized my home screen to pink, because in case you hadn’t noticed, I love pink!

Aminta HP4

The mode I’ve used the least is the tent, which I believe can be used for gaming. I liked that the screen automatically flips, though! Such a smart little laptop.

HP is going on tour with Meghan Trainor, and will be at every one of her  shows, form Vancouver to Nashville, to capture behind-the-scenes footage, so you don’t miss a minute of it, and so you can see her #bendtherules

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